Services and Fees

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Services & Fees

  • Arabic-English translation
  • Arabic-English interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous)
  • English-Arabic translation
  • English-Arabic interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous)
  • Editing of translations
  • Back translations
  • Translation suitability consulting
  • Arabic language program consulting
  • Arabic curriculum development
  • English as a Second Language curriculum development
  • English as a Second Language consulting

Translation Fees

  • Base rate for Arabic-English translation: $0.20 per English word
  • Base rate for English-Arabic translation: $0.20 per English word

These rates assume receipt and submission of documents as Microsoft Word files. The rate is higher for less clear copies – pdf files, faxes, copies, handwriting, or some combination of those (a copy of a fax of a handwritten document, etc.) –for rush jobs or very technical material.

The rate is lower for large quantities or ongoing projects.

Interpreting Fees
  • Hourly rate for interpreting, editing, etc.: $90/hour
  • Minimum charge: $100
  • Note: Some jobs, especially government jobs, have fixed rates for translation. Please contact us in this case to see if the rate is acceptable.
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